one of these nights and useless thoughts

tel aviv from hotel room

Scott Sitner-December 2018-Tel Aviv

Really just some loose ends but it got me thinking of a few things.  Traveling with family can be both a challenge and a reward, the reward coming probably in hindsight.  We are on a family trip, parents, me, brother and wife and kid and my kids.  It’s a nice gift to be able to do this, but also a challenge and you have to remind yourself not to sweat little things(Its fine we don’t have dinner reservations NYE, really). My kids are of course angels and my brother’s kid is cool.   I don’t write this to provide advice, but I will anyway since I am the one writing, don’t sweat the little things, it isn’t worth it.  So we walked the wrong way for twenty minutes the second night to dinner(totally my fault) but so what?  It was pretty out, 68 degrees, people happy, why get upset?  I don’t know, but don’t.  Who cares that dinner wasn’t perfect, it ended up pretty good.  And if you ever look at a menu and say out loud “I am not going to like this”  well, don’t freaking order it and then say you don’t like it and act surprised and upset, kinda brings us all down even if it’s absurdly funny.  Random crap:  you don’t press the numbers in the elevator here, you do it outside and then it says which one.  Weird.  

cats everywhere…..everywhere

There are cats, EVERYWHERE. Kinda of cute, kind of filthy, not sure which.  Rabbi Mike said don’t touch, we did anyway.  But wow, everywhere.Tel Aviv is a big city.  That’s about it.  Nice, fun, but not much history.  I think we are here because we have to be to say we have been, kind of like Des Moines.  Stores sell scores of nuts, fruits, spices. we have Dunkin’ which sells a low fat muffin as a badge of culinary goodness and health.  it is amazing the crap we eat they don’t here or walk past so many times they take as second nature.The land is stunning, green, amazing and hilly.

countryside, suprinsingly pretty

Pretty much everyone seeks english or enough to get by, it helps.  Yes, hummus is everywhere, like the cats.  I know it’s yummy and healthy, but it’s getting kind of old.  They don’t care to serve milk cold, icky.  I’m pretty sure I won’t ever sleep on this trip, three hours a night seems like a great night, thank god for Sirius on line.  TV is better than I thought, friends with subtitles is somewhat amusing until I realize I am in Israel watching friends with subtitles then I am just sad at myself for being so pathetic.  I just found this funny.  Not sure why.Thanks to all who are reading, it’s just a few dozen but thanks for indulging me.

The kids

my niece eden and yet another cat!

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