darkness on the edge of the Atlantic

Scott Sitner-Tel Aviv-December 2018

tel aviv airport terminal

Long flights overseas are just dark.  You eat at 1130 at night, they serve you some very underwhelming meal an hour after you leave, you pick at it, trying to eat because you know you should.  Then they tell you to turn off the lights, close all the shades and be quiet. It s the middle of the night, I get that but even when we are getting ready to land no one open the shades, it becomes like a crypt.  Combining that with the fact people are not exactly clean, it’s a long flight.  But easy, took off on time, landed on time and save for the fact they were offering 2k a person to get bumped and my kids all but begged me to take it, it was a flawless trip.The Israeli airport is an airport. I am not really sure why that surprised me, I  guess I was hoping to be blown away by something, but it was, well, an airport….an hour waiting to have our passports examined, with Alex being questioned about his last visit 6 years ago, we were on our way to sit on a bus.   Quite the fun.  By this time we have been traveling over 24 hours and you are just tired.  Group dinner at the hotel and trying to figure out the morning activities which our family discussed for an hour, which was unusual because well, all the activities are planed.

bed. finally

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