morning has broken too early

morning over tel aviv

Scott Sitner-December 2018-Tel aviv

Sleep doesn’t exist no matter how tired you are.  Falling asleep after midnight and up at 515 am with a few breaks(thanks friends for messaging me at 930 am your time…) for pretty much the duration.  The good thing is a walk on the beach in the morning before the sun rose was really cool, especially after the sun rose and it  became light, sure does beat waking up to snow and ice in Detroit, no one needs a winter coat today here, except for my father who was dressed for alaska. It’s weird waking up with a seven hour time change.  I wake up but people at home just going to bed, so I can call people at the crack of dawn here and at home just going to bed, and they have to remember I may not answer if they all at 10 pm. Breakfast great.  The europeans and israelis really know how to start a day.  Healthy, not healthy, pancakes that were an odd dark brown but tasty, tons of cheese and fix, chocolate muffins and bread(trust me us diabetics know our breakfast cakes)  fun and good and my kids say the coffee machines rock.  I will never know.  So now off to tourist(a verb) on our tour bus, like out of a bad road movie.  Not sure how else to do this trip, but it does constrain a bit.First thing was a graffiti art tour, not as dumb as it sounds.

  Turns out that young artists here paint on walls, like big walls as you can see.  And no one really cares. Some if it is good, some frankly  pretty bad and some just truly weird

they all died at 27……

 It is cool they let this scene flourish and people can paint or deface public buildings depending on your point of view.[  After this was a truly weird and bizarre improvisational work shop. I get we want a little team building, I guess, but yeah, weird for an hour.  I think it was filler as the group had to be split up, but hey each to their own.The museum was cool, israel independence story. It was not much many of us did not already know, but it still brings home how important israel is to the world and of course the jewish community.  The story was told in a weird way, through a bunch of fictional characters, all young and what they did.  But it does give a sense of who these people were fighting for  country that did not exist so people could escape persecution and have a country that was ours. pretty cool.The rest of the day we saw the city.

 Tel Aviv is really split into rich and poor, we walked and drive through some very poor areas, that had no real redeeming architectural qualities.  I don’t mean to demean this, it just seems we have these expectations of ISRAEL, and much of the city just looks like a city.  Good part was ice cream.  Don’t need to say more than that.  Lot of food stores, all selling dates, figs, fruits, dozens of kinds of nuts, all for sale cheap.  Quite the contrast to the every corner there is  a Dunkin at home.  Makes you realize how truly shitty America eats, when was the last time anyone saw dozens of food stores none of which sold a candy bar?Then back to the hotel no napping, but everyone dragging and a little cranky.  Have to walk about half mile to get dinner tonight.  No one thought trying to find capital grille was funny except me. Praying we all agree on a place, not so sure….

beach in tel aviv

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