long days journey into night

first morning in israel…

December 21, 2018-Scott Sitner

Not very original, but it seems appropriate.  We left too early, there was no line at security, so two and half hours in Detroit stealing food from the Delta lounge, quote the way to start.  First flight was easy, many many people from our group on it representing all aspects of jewish stereotyping, myself included, was sort of funny.  And surprisingly people complaining about their seat on the plane which held 70 people, I mean someone has to sit in the last two, suck it up for an hour, not like you are being forced to do something like work.Anyway so far it is easy, traveling with elderly but basically healthy parents presents some oddities and challenges, While they are healthy they have their quirks and as this is our first family vacation in oh say, 35 years, including my wayward brother and his family, it is bound to have some interesting times.   My dad wanders, and managed to be the first person on the plane, zones be damned they called boarding and he just walked on.  None of us knew it, he just was ready.  JFK is a trip but calm with happy travelers, lots of shopping and plenty of mediocre airport food, save for the candy store……Two meals on a plane so I hate to spoil that culinary delicacy with a donut.So now time to change clothes chill and such.  Hoping for a good trip, I was given one piece of advice from someone, advice I had never been told.  The 48 hour rule that in the first 48 hours someone is gonna lose it.  And I know it will be true but thinking that it is a pretty standard happening somehow makes it easier….

Scott Sitner

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