new york in the spring

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Times Square if you didn’t know

Scott Sitner-April 2019

There is nothing like New York City in the Spring. That can be good or bad, I am not really sure. Mostly good. I took a work trip, sort of, to the City last week Yeah I did some work, but it was also a chance to get away for two needed nights in a hotel. Some people do not like the hustle of the City, and I agree t can be a lot and overwhelming. After dozens of trips there in my life I like it, it can again be a lot, but that is part of the charm. Activity, always, the park, quiet. Any food you want at often any time of the day. Amazing candy and bakeries, pretzels on the street. It is a total sensory and other overload. But great.

I was lucky enough to have dinner at @wolfgangssteakhouse on Park. New York steakhouse, the ones that are not crazy chains(although wolfgang is) are great. there is a vibe. First, I was by far the ugliest person there. And i’m not like gross. People try one of my dinner companions said. They care about how they appear and how they look, which is refreshing. In Detroit I went to a Mortons by where I live, people were in just crap. It ruins the experience. Stupid big steaks, great wine and people watching, love the City.

I stayed at a @hilton on 35th Garden Inn. yeah it’s not the Plaza, but love the location, the people are great, and it’s a good view if you get lucky. Spent the next day walking, ten miles, everywhere. Without even thinking about it. The Park was starting to bloom, people were actually smiling at flowers at grass. Ended up at the the met for one exhibit @metmuseum. The guitars of rock and roll. Wow. If you like music and the history, you see just iconic instruments. Jimmy Page’s guitar, the guitar form Hotel California, “The” guitar from Bruce Springsteen. More than I can list. See it if you like music.

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Hotel California
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The Guitar. Bruce Springsteen
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Jimmy Page’s guitar on almost every Zeppelin tour and album

Friday night was @Billyjoel at Madison Square Garden. There is just something about a concert there. Especially for certain people. Just more fun. Tony Bennet came out to sing New York State of Mind. Worth the price of admission. Was stunning. Rest of the show got better and better. Didn’t love the rain walking out, but the bad korean food made up for it. Not.

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Billy Joel and Tony Bennet

Saturday was a stunning new york day. 75 degrees, no clouds, people happy. laughing, eating, walking. Walked another seven or eight miles, at at great place in the village. Almost bought a $4000 guitar at Rudy’s. Almost. So close. The park at NYU was mobbed, artists, musicians, nervous looking applicants. Ice cream. what else does one want.?

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a perfect spring day at NYU

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