24 hours and back to Boston

Is there really a reason to do this? I mean so much to see in so little time? I have now done this three times in the past two years, of course it has been to take one of my kids to school and me being semi cheap and not wanting to stay in a hotel, coupled with the fact that when I asked both kids if they wanted me to stay, it was met with a defeaning silence, in and out I go from Detroit to Downtown Boston.

First, the killer is the 6:15 a.m. flight. Anyone who takes this flight, and I take it a lot to Florida and other places, has to know that getting up at 3:45, driving to airport, wondering whether or not it will be crowded, is a killer in and of itself You are basically just tired the whole day, coupled with the fact I was at a football game the night before, yeah, three hours of sleep and travel never good. But that’s not the point….

Logan airport, for those who have not been, is pretty nice, easily laid out, no long walks. Baggage claim is located right by the taxis and ubers. Fascinating to see two taxis and about 50 people waiting for ride shares. Ok, maybe I spent an extra ten bucks, but I didn’t wait, guy was nice, and probably only drove us slightly out of the way. Being downtown means being on the gardens and the commons, two different things for those that don’t know. If you haven’t been go sit in the Gardens for an hour and just watch. The commons is just a big gathering place, cool, but lacking character. The Garens are amazing especially on a perfect semi fall day. The flowers are still in bloom, people are generally happy, and you feels as though summer is ending but with some time to spare. And of course the man way for duckling ducks forever amuse.

Where to eat? Tatte is a great bakery about two blocks from the above, I am partial to Exploreteur. Why? Well, it was my kids first job for one thing and the second is, despite her feelings about the way the place was run, the food is amazing. Get a ham and cheese croissant, some real coffee if you like that kind of thing, and a danish. Yeah, a danish. Perfect. I know it is 800 grams of sugar, but I promise it will be the best danish you may ever have. I also brought home four chocolate croissants, to the endless amusement of TSA, so yeah, try those too…..There are 20 other places but honestly at some point eggs and pancakes are eggs and pancakes, so why not go somewhere different, grossly unhealthy and fun.

So what else to do? I of course was moving my kid, but aside from that, for a day? Walk the freedom trail, even if you do not like history, and the name is a just a little hokey, it really is a part of well, history? Go see some of the cemeteries in the north end or downtown, with people you will remember, whose graves were set 250 years ago. I like history, I like the connection with the past, so sitting at the Union Oyster Bar knowing it served people in the 1790s is amazing. yeah the food is pricey, pretty mediocre, but when it tells you who sat there in 1822 and 1915 and such, it’s a really cool feeling. The Shoah trail through downtown along washington, if you are jewish, it is worth a half hour. I know sometimes holocaust can be overwhelming and sometimes just “too much” but this is a different take on it, and quick, so no three hour museum tours that drain you…