Las Vegas Golf Review

By Scott Sitner-Birmingham MI-October 2019

Coyote Springs-Good course long drive.

A few days in Las Vegas, four days of golf, here are my thoughts on the four courses we played the last week October 17-21, 2019


The first course we played was the Arryo Course out in Red Rocks. If anyone has hiked or driven through red rocks, it is spectacular. Actually red. I forgot the reason why, but it is a sight to see. The the two courses here, one public the other kind of public are in a very pretty section of the area, some great views of the mountains and the houses are pretty. None if us really liked the course. First, it was in bad shape. It had been cross cut and over seeded. Many of the fairways were close to unplayable, we moved the balls all day and often could not find a good level place. The bunkers are ok, but we literally had to move some balls from the fabric. greens rolled ok, but were beat up. Course itself was ok. Lots of blind tee shots, which for first timers made it very hard. No maps are given, so it’s a bit of a crap shoot. We paid $139 dollars, they should have charged us $75.00 for the bad condition. We all left with a bad tasse which is too bad, as we paid them $1500 and won’t go back.


coyote springs entrance

So there is a definition of the middle of nowhere, and I know it is not really here, but god it feels like it. They say an hour from the Strop, it really was more like 50 minutes, but once you are a few miles from the hotel, it really does feel like nowhere. we kept thinking what if someone had a heart attack? we are old, it’s gonna happen. But this is a top ten Nevada court, Nicklaus signature course in fact. turns out there was supposed to be a housing development but it never happened. How this place survives is beyond me They are also a little surly, and have what they say is a restaurant but it’s food in a trailer…..

That being sad, great course. really good condition, very pretty in the mountains, although it is a lot of brown to be honest. The course as hard but not crazy, so high handicaps are fine. No forced carries or blind shots like Red Rocks, greens smooth and true, and there was plenty of sand in the bunkers. Nice layout, one short holes, some long ones, fun. Really no complaints.

Mark a little slow today

Really enjoyed the course, is it worth the drive? I can’t say and we were divided on it. It ended up being a whole day, left at 915, back at 5 so you lose time a pool, or whatever. but it is a very very good course, and for $125, hard to say it is expensive. Upside is no amenities, so you won’t spend money on food or drinks after the round. I’d probably play it again, but with so many great courses a shorter drive, probably no rush…….


Well, it’s as interesting place, close to the strip in a weird neighborhood. Third time playing so the only picture is Fluffy the Coyote who made a repeat experience from last year. Very cute, would probably shred me, but still, very cute. The calling card of the course is the replicas of famous courses overseas, Scotland, Britain ,etc. It’ an interesting concept, the site of my most embarrassing golf moment ever: popping the ball on to the putting green on my first drive at a tournament 12 years ago. Ooops. Head case.

I am not sure if the concept works, felt that was every time I play it. The course was in good condition, greens true, no overseeing, so the fairways were good. The problem is there is no continuity. Like playing Bears Best, lots f good holes but it feels thrown together, which I guess it actually is. But it felt like you are playing just random holes. None of us even looked at the holes this year as replicas we just played. Lost ten bucks too. Again Some of the holes really are pretty cool, but some are just normal, even if the are replicas of famous one, it is just hard to see it in the desert. Worth a trip? Only $125. Saturday, five hour round. That stunk, the ranger tried, but let’s face it, people aren’t coming back so no one cares. A good knock off course, and then you can go to the pool after.


OK, WOW. So yeah it as $300. And I guess my friend Al has been trying for five years to get on this course. So I am lucky enough. From the time you pul up to the time you just special. Apparently there are only 140 members, very hard to get on otherwise. There was no one here, so no five hour rounds. NO surly employees. One really awful hot dog notwithstanding( like OMG how fast can I feed this to the sheep) this was a great golf experience. Another Nicklaus signature design but nestled in refection bay, a very high end, suburb and vacation spot. The course was build through the mountains so the views were batons amazing. The course was great. Hard, don’t kid yourself, although the back nine was more forgiving. But each hole laid out perfectly, hard but not stupid greens. Some short holes but then a 410 yard par four. Can’t say enough nice things, if you can figure you how to get on, play it Cascata, which we play is similar, but I liked this one more, it seemed like in better to the area. The one course that all ten of us agreed was without though a treat. And fun, the holes even the hard ones you remember, and you look and say what a great golf hole Not a bad one in the bunch. Can’t recommend this course enough.

a friend for Fluffy from Royal Links
19th hole………


I am by far no expert, I cannot compete with the professional writers. so take this at face value. Weather in October is amazing, warm not hot days, cool nights, lots of people but not too much. food:

Grotto at the Nugget-Somoene had a $1200 food credit. Downtown, is well, downtown. it was decent, not amazing, but if you happen to be downtown, it was more than acceptable and good prices and good service.

Fix at the Bellagio. Much better, we had a private room, which is always nice. Service was very good. Some of the apps were amazing, eggs in purgatory, tuna, pork belly(sorry. bad jew) Main courses look amazing, but got mixed reviews. I was the only one who ordered sea creatures, scallops with hollandaise, good, not amazing. Steaks were good, (land was mixed reviews.) Pricey but no nuts.. Recommend if you happen to be at the Bellagio and don’t want to or can’t get into Spago or Piccaso.

Sushi at the Mirage. Ate here a few times, apps at the bar, and we all had dinner here on Saturday. The sushi was very good, tuna in particular. They also have a grill where you can order, meat, pork, seafood in small bites. Really nice. Surprisingly good. Not busy, service was great, and we had no complaints, actually we were all impressed. maybe a little off the track but worth it. And the prices were ok. We feasted and the bill with tip for 9 was only $1000.

Carnegie deli at the Mirage. Whatever. Big sandwiches, decent quality, soup was ok, disappointing, store bought noodles not homemade broth. But it was fine, good place just to grab a bite when you are sick of big beals.

So much for that..

7 am on the strip…..