one for the par threes overlooking the area

Two day review of treetops resort, a sort of guys golf trip although there were only four of us instead of what seems to be the normal groups of 20. We played the Tradition course which is b far the easiest course there is. Even the back tees are only 6200 and we played a little shorter than than that. The course was all maintained, the greens had a lot of curves and such, but it was otherwise really nothing special. Thinking back I cannot remember more than a few holes. A good starter and for the guys who don’t play much, well worth it no one shoots 110 and gets upset.


The par three course is one of the things Treetops is know for. You can play it in an hour, the scenery is crazy, and it is fun. No one really keeps score, it is just a nice way to end the day. That being said it is not easy, you will lose some balls, the greens are like the others sort of crazy and if you play it as dusk the nightlines can be odd. But play it, just have fun and don’t stress over it and play it.

par three course


Five steps above the tradition. The scenery is great. A ton of elevation changes, very very hard greens. We played the white tees since the guys were not that good and we didn’t want to stress. It was still too much, our scores were 79-the next best was 104 and the others I think stopped keeping score. But we all agreed the course was beautiful and in great condition. Some of the greens are stupid. Multi tiered to the point where you just laughed. I’m not sure how necessary this is, but whatever. We played in four and a half hours on a crowded course. Highly recommended.

Premier course


Honestly the rest is kind of underwhelming. Three guys stayed in a chalet and they were not at all complimentary. Apparently, ripped carpet, bad water, and just dated. I stayed at the Inn which was cleared a little update, and was fine. Three stars, which is fine, but if you are expecting luxury, you won’t get it. But the beds were nice, like 100 towels and a new television. One thing to be aware of is it is loud. The rooms are not well insulated, so you hear everything, and people party outside with music and drinking so just be aware.

We had dinner in the sports bar and breakfast buffet. If you just need to eat, they are fine. If you want something more than just decent, go into the city. Nothing was bad, the service was good, but it was all just fine. which is probably perfect for this kind of trip.